Doing it to get gems for free in Clash Royale

It’s hard to imagine, but we actually managed to get a working hack for the world-famous Clash Royale game. We worked on it for a long time and now you can finally use it. We all know how important these precious gems are in Royale. If you have them, you have a huge advantage over your opponents and even against your friends.

You can use it even for free. We promise you that no costs will be incurred at all. No one likes to spend a lot of money on a game. But unfortunately this is necessary to make it big in Clash Royale. You should still use our Clash Royal hack today, whether you have a PC or a smartphone, on both devices the hack can be used.

It’s easy to do just the following: You enter your Clash Royale user name, decide how many gems and gold you want and give the number, and then press the Generate button. Now you have to wait a bit, but do not worry for a few seconds. Next, you must confirm that you are a human (this is what we introduced because many programs abuse our hack). If you follow our steps and stop the subscription at the end, everything will be completely free, but we stand with our name. Now you only have to wait 1 to 2 minutes until the gems and the gold have landed on your account. For more information just take a look at our tutorial video on our generator.

hack Clash Royale

1. Never make the first move

Sounds funny but is true. Clash Royale hack apk favors the responding player as opposed to the acting player. For most of the opening trains the opponent has a counter-attack for less elixir and if it is only with the help of its own tower. A good opening when you reach 10 elixirs is the splitting of bulwarks on your own Kingstorm. To play two archer or four skeletons in the middle behind your own Kingstorm will allow you to collect more elixirs and use them in a next push or defense. You should not tie too much elixir to the start in one of the ways. You run the risk of not being able to counter-attack on the other way.

2. Card level is king in deck construction

In addition to good elixir management, the use of correct counter-cards and a good attack combination, card leveling is the most important factor that determines victory and defeat. So if you got good cards, you will have an advantage over players who don’t. It’s a matter of fact that people who don’t spend money for the game have worse cards.